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Numer katalogowy: 4050538523287


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A1 The Signal And The Noise 5:44
A2 Waterfront 5:22
A3 Love Song 4:57
B1 Let There Be Love 4:33
B2 Up On The Catwalk 4:48
B3 Sense Of Discovery 5:50
C1 Glittering Prize 4:14
C2 Promised You A Miracle 4:30
C3 The American 4:40
D1 Hunter And The Hunted 5:37
D2 Stand By Love 4:48
D3 Dirty Old Town 4:52
E1 Theme For Great Cities 5:05
E2 She’s A River 3:34
E3 Walk Between Worlds 5:50
F1 Hypnotised 5:35
F2 Someone Somewhere In Summertime 5:31
F3 See The Lights 5:52
G1 All The Things She Said 4:20
G2 Dolphins 6:30
G3 Don’t You (Forget About Me) 6:11
H1 New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84) 5:54
H2 Once Upon A Time 4:41
H3 Alive And Kicking 6:12
H4 Sanctify Yourself 5:18

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EAN 4050538523287
Format LP
Nośnik 4LP
Liczba nośników 4
Data premiery 25.10.2019

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